The Indian American Community is a highly skilled and specialized sector of the American workforce. As the impacts of a global pandemic continue to be felt, many professionals are looking to find independent “gigs” to help provide additional income or create a full time income by working for themselves. Singh Street has been created to provide the connection point between business owners and their potential customers and because the Indian American community is so unique, we decided to create a trusted platform to connect consumers, clients and customers to Indian business owners. Our dedication to serving this community and helping our country recover is why we have made all transactions and connections on Singh Street totally FREE for 2022! Singh Street Services Singh Street has been developed as an online directory that allows users to search for, rate, and hire local Indian-American service providers to work on a variety of personal projects. We believe this is such a critical function that for all of 2022, it is absolutely FREE! Find skilled Indian American professionals for events, home services, lessons, wellness and much more. Customers and potential clients will be able to compare professionals; get free estimates read trusted reviews from others who have worked with the professional and hire with confidence.